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“Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.”

In this scripture, we see Jesus speaking out to the people that are gathered around Him. He gives a call out to those who are or would be well-spoken of, that they should not make this a priority or focal point in their life, because their fathers did this to the false prophets.Who were these false prophets? They were the people that came in the image of a prophet declaring the Word of God, but in fact we’re not. Jesus speaks this to the people to show them that they must not seek to be talked about, but seek rather to do God’s will whether they’re well-spoken of or not. Jesus said further in John’s gospel,

John 5:44
“How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”

Today, in the modern church, we would do well to take these words from Christ to heart. Let’s not seek after the honor and praise of man, but we must seek the honor that comes from God.